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Primary Care Specialist

Mayfair Family Care -  - Primary Care Practice

Mayfair Family Care

Primary Care Practice in a Private Medical Group located in Chicago, IL

Primary care refers to your medical home and the doctors you count on for all your medical and emotional care. As compassionate primary care physicians, the team at Mayfair Family Care in Chicago diagnose and treat the full array of health conditions affecting adults. The Mayfair Family Care doctors value long-term relationships with each patient and devote the time needed to provide truly personalized care. If you need a primary care physician in the Lincoln Square area, call the office or schedule an initial appointment online today.

Primary Care Q & A

What is a primary care physician?

A primary care physician serves as your first point of contact for all your health needs and continue to provide medical and emotional care throughout your life. Your Mayfair Family Care doctor also coordinates your treatment if you need a specialist.

Whether you have a sudden illness, suffer an injury, or you have a chronic health condition that needs long term management, your primary care physician at Mayfair Family Care is the trusted professional to turn to for your ongoing care.

What services might I receive from a primary care doctor?

The team at Mayfair Family Care have extensive training and experience treating the physical and emotional problems faced by adults as they travel through all phases of life. In addition to diseases and illnesses, they provide diverse services, including vaccines, weight management, hormone replacement therapy, and treatment for erectile dysfunction. 

Several key services provided by your primary care doctor at Mayfair Family Care include:

General physicals and annual wellness visits

Preventive health care is essential because it detects problems at an early stage while they’re still treatable or preventable. General physicals and annual wellness visits both provide preventive care, but the two are different.

Everyone should get an annual general physical. This is an in-depth examination in which your doctor assesses your risk factors for chronic disease, performs a comprehensive physical exam, and runs blood tests.

The annual wellness visits covered by Medicare are designed to track your health. Your Mayfair Family Care doctor reviews your medical history, evaluates age-related problems such as dementia, and talks about advanced care planning. But Medicare doesn’t cover a full general physical exam.

Sports physicals

Sports physicals ensure you can sustain the stress of athletic activities without putting your health at risk. The doctors at Mayfair Family Care assess each patient’s musculoskeletal system and look for concerns such as inflammation, pain, prior head injuries, and chronic diseases that could affect their ability to safely play sports.

Chronic disease management

Chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and heart disease can’t be cured. Instead, they must be effectively managed to prevent them from progressing. Primary care physicians specialize in creating customized management plans that include diet, exercise, and medications.

Can I receive long-term care services?

The doctors at Mayfair Family Care proudly care for patients who are in long-term care and assisted living facilities. In coordination with home healthcare agencies, they care for homebound patients. They also support patients needing palliative and hospice care.

Whether you need a sick visit, a physical exam, or you’d like to learn more about receiving long-term care, schedule an appointment online or call Mayfair Family Care today.