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Your bones stop growing and reach their optimal mass in your late 20s, making you vulnerable to bone loss and osteoporosis as you get older. The skilled doctors at Mayfair Family Care in Chicago assess your risk, recommend lifestyle changes to strengthen your bones, and develop individualized treatment for brittle bones. To learn more about your risk for osteoporosis, call the Lincoln Square office or schedule an appointment online today.

Osteoporosis Q & A

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition in which you develop weak and brittle bones as bone mass diminishes. Your bones stay strong and healthy over the years by continuously replacing old bone with new bone. Around middle age, you start to lose bone faster than it’s replaced, gradually leading to osteoporosis. 

What increases my risk of osteoporosis?

Anyone can develop osteoporosis, but women have a much higher risk because their bone loss significantly accelerates after menopause. 

You’re more likely to develop osteoporosis if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Low levels of vitamin D
  • Low levels of calcium
  • Long-term corticosteroid use
  • Low levels of estrogen or testosterone
  • Thyroid hormone imbalance
  • Postmenopause

Your risk for osteoporosis also increases if you don’t get enough exercise and if you consume too much alcohol.

What symptoms develop due to osteoporosis?

You can have osteoporosis for years and you won’t know you have a problem because it seldom causes symptoms. The first symptom of osteoporosis is often a fracture. As osteoporosis advances, your bones become so weak that they can easily break during activities that wouldn’t normally hurt strong, healthy bones. 

Should I be screened for osteoporosis?

Your bone density is measured using low-level X-rays that show the amount of minerals in your bones. Bone density screening is recommended for postmenopausal women and women who are 65 or older. However, your Mayfair Family Care doctor may recommend screening for men and women at any age based on their risk.

How is osteoporosis treated?

Your customized osteoporosis treatment is based on the severity of your osteoporosis. Your plan also includes treatment for any underlying problems that contribute to bone loss.

Osteoporosis treatment may include:


Your body must have a consistent and adequate supply of vitamin D, calcium, and other nutrients to continuously rebuild healthy bones. Your Mayfair Family Care doctor runs blood tests to check for deficiencies, then recommends dietary changes and nutritional supplements as needed to strengthen your bones.


Your bones get stronger with weight-bearing exercise because the force of muscles pulling against bones triggers bone production. You can choose from many enjoyable weight-bearing exercises, such as walking, dancing, and playing tennis.


Your Mayfair Family Care doctor may prescribe one of several medications that treat osteoporosis by slowing down or preventing bone loss. 

To learn if you’re at risk for osteoporosis, call Mayfair Family Care or schedule an appointment online.